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CDC and President Biden’s administration have given some recommendations on how to Safely Open Schools.

What’s more exciting?!

There are schools that have implemented the CDC’s and some other science-based protocols since 2020 that have allowed them to Safely Open and Stay Open with close to 0% transmission rates.


Educators are nervous going back in because situations like the following keep happening: Township School Announces: “Cases are low. We are opening with social distancing, masking and setting up hand sanitizing stations.”

School opens, then..

  • Few days in someone with COVID comes to school 
  • They may not show symptoms (asymptomatic) and continue interacting with some mask slip-ups
  • Days later – COVID slowly starts to pass around without anyone knowing
  • More start to get sick, some with symptoms call out
  • People panic, parents start calling, the class closes or even the whole school, media hears about it
  • Contact tracing begins but it’s probably 1-2 weeks late
  • By then anywhere between 2-400 people have been infected with COVID
  • Parents, staff, students and media pundits have heated debates about opening or closing

The good news is that there is a way to minimize the risk and perhaps even the drama. More on that..

Good news – it’s possible to open with close to ~0% risk 

Below is the science based toolbox used to do that:

  • *Foundational to preventing positive case entry is  Regular COVID Testing/Screening 
  • COVID Testing Data and analytics 
  • Contact tracing automation
  • Automated health checks and masking policies
  • Traffic pattern social distance design
  • Social distance seating and ventilation design
  • Isolation space design
  • Sanitation protocol and access design
  • Creating and training an internal COVID coordination team
  • Communications protocol and material for staff, students and parents

SafelyOpen plan and launch overview


Planning: 1-3-day Training for Staff and Core Leads

Pre-Launch: 2-3 days before school opens – COVID testing and Student Training

Risk Data: Simplified automated plan for quarantining cases & contact tracing

Launch: School opens safely with only negative cases and the SafelyOpen Plan

One Week After: Weekly testing and SafelyOpen plan continues

Testing Data arrives Tues/Wed: positive cases and their close contacts are quarantined

Ongoing Weekly Basis:  Same testing, data, COVID protocols continue and spread in school is maintained at ~0% 

How can we help your school? 


No Cost services

  • Some help with planning
  • COVID Testing/Screening and basic data and analytics


Services that require more resources for us and an investment:

  • Full Planning and staff training 
  • Launch support
  • Risk Management and Analytics support
  • COVID Rapid Testing


To get in touch to learn more, email, Dr. Adil Manzoor: dr.manzoor@safelyopen.org 


About us

SafelyOpen.org is an evolving platform, led by Dr Adil Manzoor and Zain Ali, with a growing team of physicians, nurses, technologists, operational staff and partner organizations to help places like Schools Safely Open and Stay Open.


Members of our growing team have been on the front lines since the beginning of the Pandemic taking care of COVID patients in ERs, in outpatient services as well as testing in underserved areas. We have also invested a significant amount of time in training and researching with schools who have been open for months with close to 0% transmission. Our mission is to work with organizations to help them get life back to normal.